Oracle Service Bus (OSB): Compacting Diagnostic File Store

OSB diagnostic store file is where service statistic is kept and it can grow in time. This can be performance effect, especially during service health requests through the Service Bus Console.

Compacting the diagnostic store file is a best practice.

To do this, the steps to follow:

Environment info for this doc:

OS: AIX 6.1

Weblogic server: 10.3.4

OSB version:

  1. Create a folder where diagnostic store file’s backup is copied. (let’s say: $BACKUP_DIR)
  2. Run
    . $DOMAIN_DIR/bin/ (don’t forget the “.” followed by a space before the script file)
  3. switch to the related diagnostic store file folder ($DOMAIN_DIR/servers/$SERVER_NAME/data/store/diagnostics)
  4. Run:
    You’ll have:
    Type “help” for available commandsstoreadmin->
  5. In command line, run:storeadmin-> compact -dir . -tempdir $BACKUP_DIR


    If you want to see the result, you can compare the size of the new diagnostic file with the older.

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